Diaper Dash

Price: $10.00


We have something for everyone, from the Half Marathon to the Kids 1k. The only one left in the family is BABIES! If they can crawl Santa's Diaper Dash is for them.


Starting Time: 2PM SAT. 12/9/2017

The Santa to the Sea Diaper Dash

From day one we have been a healthy fun event for the whole fam­ily. We have the Half Marathon, for seri­ous run­ners. We have the 2 Per­son Relay for peo­ple who want to do more than a 5K. We have the 5K which some run and some peo­ple walk, push a stroller or take their dog along. And in 2012 we added the 1K kids run so the lit­tle kids can have fun along with their par­ents. We thought we had the whole fam­ily covered. But, we for­got one very impor­tant group, BABIES.



The 5th Annual Diaper Dash will be at 2pm on Saturday Dec. 9, 2017 at the Marine Emporium Landing.

This year we will cap the race to 35 babies. We will have 7 races with 5 babies in each race. The 7 win­ners will advance to the cham­pi­onship. The course will be about 10 feet long on a small stage with coaches on both ends. One starts the baby off and the other coach cheers the baby to the fin­ish line. The babies must crawl, any stand­ing or walk­ing and the babies will be dis­qual­i­fied. 

All babies will receive a goodie bag.



The Diaper Dash is held on an elevated stage measuring 10 feet across.


The win­ning baby will be awarded a tro­phy and be declared the “Fastest Baby at Santa to the Sea 2017!”

Diaper Dash Parking

Parking for the Diaper Dash is available at “Marine Emporium Landing” located at 3600 S. Harbor Blvd., Oxnard, CA 93035.