Future Leaders of America

Because of Future Leaders of America, youth succeed!

Future Leaders of America was founded in 1982 as a response to high drop-out rates, gang violence and low civic engagement among the Latino/a community. The initial program, the Youth Leadership Camp (YLC), is a one-week conference that engages youth in leadership training through our experiential method. Students learn about leadership skills (public speaking, goal-setting, advocacy) and practice the skill sets in groups and in front of the YLC participants. The youth are mentored and guided through our process with the help of student volunteer staff, all of whom are alumni of the program, who have taken the call for leadership and have (or will) attended college.

Year-round programming is provided to participants that continue to engage themselves in leadership, education and advocacy through University Seminars, Youth groups, Facilitator training and Family Leadership camps. With this program, FLA has opened doors to new realities to over 8,000 unduplicated youth throughout the state of California. With the support of FLA, Latino/a youth have attended prestigious universities around the nation including Columbia, Berkeley, Stanford, Harvard, UCSB, UCLA, and Duke to name a few. FLA youth have gone on to become successful lawyers, educators, non-profit leaders and elected officials!

We invite you to become an FLA “Padrino/Madrina” - an individual seeking to create opportunities for youth who otherwise might not have the resources to succeed. By donating, you can ensure that these opportunities continue to be available for generations to come. Your funding will go towards:

  • A donation of $450 will provide a youth with a six days unique experience at our Summer Leadership Camp.
  • A donation of $300 will provide food for 20 students for one day.
  • A donation of $200 will provide transportation for 9 students to attend the leadership camp.
  • A donation of $100 will provide educational materials for 10 students.
  • A donation of $50 will support first aid materials for one day medical assistance.

Your support is crucial and invaluable. With your tax-deductible donation, Future Leaders can continue to provide transformative services to our youth in the community. Consider supporting a student by contributing to our mission.