Santa’s Pacers

Meet Santa's Half Marathon Pacers


Josue Diaz

Started running in 2011 as a way to lose weight,  since then he's completed 10 marathons and BQ'd twice with a PR 3:00:58 and has run over 30 half-marathons with a PR of 1:23:18. He plans on running his first 50k in December 2018.





Victor Hurtado

Victor really enjoys running and has paced around 30 half marathons and marathons combined. He is an ambassador for Santa to the Sea and will be pacing the 1:30 group.  He knows that in order to have a successful race you need to run even splits and this is what he will be doing for this race.  So if you stick with Vic you will finish a few seconds under 1:30. Let's have some fun!!! Instagram: @running_victor




Lino Torres

Lino is a seasoned marathoner who started running in 2000 and participated in his first marathon in 2004. Linos passion for running extends beyond the competition as he has been a coach for the Alliance Marc and Eva Stern Math and Science Hich School's XC team, helping them train for the LA Marathon. Additionally, he has been a pace leader with the LA Road Runners for 9 years. As an experienced runner, Lino likes to set goals and push them further while simultaneously motivating others to achieve their own goals as well.

 Rudy Carrasquillo

I am Rudy, I am Senior Pace Leader for LA Roadrunners. I have paced Santa to the Sea for 5 years. I love running this race because of what the organization does for children.






 Norma Gonzales

Norma was born and raised in Los Angeles and enjoys training on the beautiful trails of Griffith Park. She enjoys exploring trails and running all over SoCal. She loves training and racing and is passionate about helping others meet their goals. She is proud and delighted to be part of Santa to the Sea’s pace group as her goal is to help runners get to the finish line. She loves this race specially because of its community involvement and what it represents. She hopes to help runners meet their goal while having a great time.

 Mayumi Kimura

I started running in Japan at age 5 with my mother who used to run long distance races. After moving to Boston, I started running full marathons and it has been over 25 years. I have been a pace leader for the Los Angeles Road Runners for 4 years but this will be my first time pacing for Santa to the Sea. I look forward to running with you!




 Russ Watson

"Russ Watson has been running seriously since 2013. He has completed 6 marathons and numerous 1/2 marathons and 10Ks.
He has been a Pace Leader with the LA Road Runners for the last 2 years helping to prep runners for the LA Marathon. He's very much looking forward to Pacing the Santa to the Sea race for the first time this year - specifically because of ""Santa"" and the ""Sea"": two great things that are rarely paired and are especially enjoyable during the mild So Cal winters!"



 Yong Lee

I started running since 2007 and pace leading in Santa to the Sea since 2012.






 Gil Moverman

Gil became an avid runner in 2015 and did not stop since.  He ran 11 marathons and countless half marathons (pacing more than half of them).   He has been running regularly for the past few years and enjoys encouraging others to run with him.   He hopes to run many more marathons.  He is looking forward to pacing you and helping you achieve your running goals in Santa to the Sea.




 Heidi Marusa

I laced up my running shoes for the first time in 2011. By 2012 I was running the LA marathon and ultra trail races. I love that Santa to the Sea is a toy drive, community fundraiser & the most festive fun holiday event. I look forward to pacing at this epic event in the beautiful beach community of Oxnard.



 Alicia Juarez

"My name is Alicia Juarez and I've been running for 18 years, the Boston marathon 2018 being the highlight of my running career. I'm a high school Spanish teacher who loves to run, read and cook when I have the time. I'm excited about the
Santa to the Sea race because Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Looking forward to pacing the race and helping runners meet their goal. "




 Amy Horwath

I like to pace for Santa because it's flat, festive, a lot of fun, and a good way to get your workout in before the non stop holiday parties!





 Riz Deguzman

"Resides in : Oxnard, CA
Pacing: 2:30
Years Running: since 2006
First Full Marathon: Rock and Roll San Diego 2009
Other Marathons: L.A., Palos Verdes, Santa Clarita, Long Beach, San Francisco, Las Vegas
Favorite Half Marathon: Santa to The Sea. "