Meet Santa’s Half Marathon Pacers


Fabian Ochoa

Fabian Ochoa has run Santa to the Sea many times and loves the event! His love for running started back in high school and he has been running ever since. He is always doing races on weekends or training for his next race. He coaches many of his friends and runs regularly to stay in shape. He enjoys doing all distances from 5K’s up to full marathons and even triathlons, but he has always said that his favorite distance is the half marathon!


Lino Torres

Lino Torres is a seasoned marathoner who stared running in 2000 and participated in his first marathon in 2004. The upcoming Long Beach Marathon will be his 88th marathon. Lino’s passion for running extends beyond the competition.  He has been a coach for the Alliance Marc & Evan Stern Math and Science High School Cross Country Team, helping them train for the LA Marathon. Additionally he has been a pacer for Mountains 2 Beach, Ventura Marathon, REVEL Big Bear and Santa to the Sea.  Lino likes to motivate runners to help them achieve their own goals.


Ariane Hendrix

Hi! My name is Ariane Hendrix-Roach and I am from Ventura, CA and I am so stoked to be pacing the 1:40 pace at Santa to the sea. I am a 2:57 marathoner, 1:22 half marathoner and I have PR in the 10k of 36:56 and 5K PR of 17:32. Santa to the sea is going to be a lot of fun and I can’t wait!


Rudy Carrasquillo

I am Rudy, I am Senior Pace Leader for LA Roadrunners. I have paced Santa to the Sea for 5 years. I love running this race because of what the organization does for children.


Joe Buccino

Joe Buccino has been running Santa to the Sea almost every year. It was his first half marathon in 2009. Since then he has run full marathons in LA, NYC, Chicago, Rome and Boston, and has paced marathons in Florida and Ventura. Joe’s been a pacer for five years and especially enjoys pacing half marathons. “I get my exercise and I get to help others achieve their personal time goal along the way.”


Yong Lee

I started running since 2007 and pace leading in Santa to the Sea since 2012.


Mayumi Kimura

Hello everyone!  I have been a pace leader with the LA Roadrunners for 5 years now.  Santa to the Sea is a very fun race to run and I look forward to running with you all. Let’s enjoy the race together! 


Alicia Juarez

“My name is Alicia Juarez and I’ve been running for 18 years, the Boston marathon 2018 being the highlight of my running career. I’m a high school Spanish teacher who loves to run, read and cook when I have the time. I’m excited about the
Santa to the Sea race because Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Looking forward to pacing the race and helping runners meet their goal. “


Susie Tojin

Hi!  My name is Susie.  I’ve been running for about 12 years. I love to motivate, inspire and most of all help others reach their goals. Running has changed my life in many ways, but most of all meeting so many beautiful people along the way. Excited to pace Santa to the Sea this year and meet many more runners and continue to inspire them all. See ya in December for miles of smiles 🙂


Michelle Krok

I have been running since the age of 12 and nearly 4 decades later, I continue to run and have completed countless races in every distance from 5K to ultra marathons.  I started pacing 4 years ago and enjoy helping and guiding runners to have their best race possible.  I look forward to pacing the 2:20 group at Santa to the Sea and having fun along the way. 


Mike Malinzak

Hello…I am Mike Malinzak.  I have been running endurance races for the past 10 years after a 25 year running hiatus.  During my running career I have completed 30 marathons and 12 half marathons.  Santa to the Sea is one of my favorites.  I paced several friends over the years who were first time 1/2 marathon runners and I get a sense of pride when I give back to fellow runners in this manner.  This is my first opportunity to officially pace an event.  I am glad it is Santa to the Sea.  This race is one of the best organized and has by far the best after race party.  I am looking forward to running with you all in December.


Riz Deguzman

“Resides in : Oxnard, CA
Years Running: since 2006
First Full Marathon: Rock and Roll San Diego 2009
Other Marathons: L.A., Palos Verdes, Santa Clarita, Long Beach, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Big Sur
Favorite Half Marathon: Santa to The Sea. “


Bear Caudillo

Bear is all about the PR. If PR means “Party Run”. Whether he is singing or dancing on the course, Bear loves to encourage others around him. “My goal is to make us forget that we are running!”. Bear used to weigh over 300 pounds but through running, he was able to shed 100 pounds! He loves to meet new people and make your race a unique experience. Bear’s motto: “Running is just dancing forward”.