Why not take action to encourage others to achieve more than they ever imagined they could? Family, fun, and fitness should all be the goals of this year’s Christmas holidays. 

Outstanding volunteers are a common characteristic of great events. And our volunteers are the best in the sport. You may have fun this time around without having to run. 

Are you unsure of what to do over the holidays? Fortunately, Santa to the Sea is giving you the opportunity to participate in our Christmas event as a volunteer this year, so you may use your holiday vacation productively.

If you are not a runner (yet), please join us, have a great time, and feel involved by volunteering. Whether you work at a water station, help direct traffic, lend a hand at the finish line and EXPO, or work at one of our packet pick-ups, your help is appreciated by Santa and the runners!

We are hoping to make your Santa to the Sea an even more exciting event by asking large groups or companies to sponsor a water station. Please, be as creative as you’d like. Maybe have your group dress up in a special holiday theme, or decorate your water station “area” as crazy as you can… The ideas are endless! (Can anyone say ‘Dicken’s Village’?) Volunteering can be almost as satisfying as competing in a race and will give you a greater appreciation of what goes into every event. THANK YOU!

Your work with Santa to the Sea will not only benefit others but also enrich your own life. Your reward will be the appreciation of the participants and the example you set for your own friends and family! 

Check out all the great options we will be offering throughout the Christmas races and events! There is no better way to feel festive than this!

If you are interested in volunteering or want to bring a large group, please email [email protected]. Happy to answer any questions.